Saturday, August 25, 2012


I may have been terribly busy this summer....but I did manage to sneak into my Goodwill once or twice. And just look at these two super, HUGE scores!!! First, a gorgeous pair of Brighton loafers. I knew from far away before I even picked them up that they were nice....and expensive. They had that "look". And they were!! I paid $4.99 for them....but when I got home and looked them up on the Brighton website they retail for $195!!!!!!!!
Look how pretty the silver detail is????
Then just a few days later after dropping Cindylou off for van just veered right back into the Goodwill. It just knew there was another good for for me :)....And, YEP!!! There was! A GOR.GE.EOUS pair of Sperry loafers. Black patent leather. Worn just once!!!!!!
And look how super cute they are inside.....purple with gold. I grabbed them and felt the rush of scoring again :)
See......$4.99 and in perfect shape! Of course I ran home and checked out the Sperry website and they are listed for $98. A savings of $93 for the Treatgirl. I love it for me :) Let me know about your great scores....I love success stories!