Sunday, March 2, 2014

Make Your Own Coffee Creamer

I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to try it. I use a lot of Coffeemate French Vanilla creamer and was thinking about all of the chemicals in it. This recipe has only 3....compared to 15+ in the Coffeemate.

It's just 3 cups of whole milk, 1 can of fat free sweetened condensed milk and 1/3 cup of a flavored syrup. My family really likes it and I won't be buying Coffeemate any more. Try it and let me know what you think....

Saturday, March 1, 2014



Chip's company had a meeting in Vail last month and of course I had to tag along :)  I haven't been out to visit my sister in it was the perfect get away. My mom came up from Florida to stay with the kids. The temperatures were frigid the whole time she was here....She didn't appreciate them at all.

Sister has been living in Vail for over 20 years and I wish I could get out there more often. It is sooooo beautiful in the mountains! We took a few hikes and the skies couldn't have been bluer.

Chip got to hang out with us for a few days before his meetings started.


I have two cousins who live in Colorado now....and they both had babies this past year. It was great to spend a day with them and visit!!!

Here I am with Sister the day we went skiing. If I lived out here I would definitely get heated mittens and boots like hers :)  The day couldn't have been more perfect!!!

And NO. This isn't a postcard....It's a real picture I took. Gorgeous, huh?

Here is the covered bridge in the village. The snow was really coming down....They got 4 ' the day/night before we were supposed to leave. read it right. Four feet. Of snow. For real. We got stuck for 2 extra days. But I loooooooooved it. You know the Treatgirl loves a good storm. I spent the time doing a little more knitting and organizing Sister's kitchen. May sound boring to you....but not to me. Can't wait to go back.