Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorite Friday

Happy Friday everyone!! Thanks for stopping by.......let me just start by saying that I'll be taking a break for a laptop got hauled away by the computer guy today...he came to fix it last week,'s still on the fritz and needs a new hard drive :( Luckily, I had loaded the pictures for this post the other day ....unfortunately the rest of the pictures I have for other great posts have been downloaded into my laptop and deleted off of my camera :( Anyhooo.......I'm hoping she'll be up and running pretty soon and it will give me some time to get a little blog-hopping done...some more twittering and I'll make my rounds on Facebook!

Well, here's my favorite thing of the week.......this super cute set of cupcake measuring spoons......I saw them a while ago on a blog and thought they'd make the perfect treat for me...even thinking I'd ask for them for my birthday...well...the treat girl had a weekend get-together with some of her college roomies last weekend in Atlanta and I found them at an adorable little gift shop. What a perfect treat to remember all the fun I had :)

Even the backs of them are cuuuuuuuuttee! Can't wait to use them....sooo many recipes to little time :(

Here is a picture of us girlies outside the Swan Coach House....the perfect spot for us girls to relax, have lunch, drinks and enjoy the southern hospitality......there were even fried green tomato sandwiches on the menu....I didn't realize they really had those anymore! The phrase of the weekend was "for our age"....we added that after about everything we said! "We look really cute...for our age" :)

Cheers to the girls!!! I had so much fun!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cupcake Pebbles

Cubby saw the commercial for these the other morning and thought I would love them....what a cutie :) So when I was at the store the other day I got them for "us"....because I'm sure he wanted to try them too....and can I just say, they aren't half bad...if you're in the mood for a sugary cereal that could make your teeth ache :) They are kinda like rice krispies with a lot of sugar on them....I'm not sure where the "wholesome" part comes in....that's printed on the front of the box.

But how 'bout the box claims Cupcake Pebble makes any time a great time for a party! With everything you need to celebrate, from recipes to party games and invitations to party tips and name place can you go wrong?????!

I know you're all thinking the treat girl has really lost it now....but you all know what a cupcake lover I am, I couldn't NOT try them.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Okay.....It's still nagging me that I can't find that stupid ticket stub I was looking for last week...well, honestly...I was way too busy to look for it and I actually got NO scrapbooking done this week...but I did finish up that scarf :) Anywhoo....I thought I give you a little peek at where I are my VERY first pages....I started with Cindylou's book....They are a total hoot now that I look back at them. My old neighbor was a Creative Memories consultant and she invited me over for a "scrap night" about 10 years ago......I got hooked and have been scrapping ever since. Check it out...I literally stuck the pictures right to the page, drew with markers, slapped on a die-cut and called it a page!

Here I added a border sticker...

....and here I started to get a little crazy and added mats to my pictures.

But on the next page I must have forgotten how to do that because it was back to two border stickers on the edges with a lot of journaling with markers...whooo hooooo!

Okay here I think I figured out that you can use paper as a background......they weren't into that at Creative Memories years ago.....AND I matted the pictures too!! Wowza! Check out that bit of journaling in those little squares. Looking at this page now it's SCREAMING out for an embellishment of ANY kind.....a piece of ribbon, a brad, some glitter.......SOMETHING!!

Here we have piece of background paper AND stickers.

And look at this bit of craaaaaazy journaling! Wow, my style has certainly changed over the years....but in my defense they have about a zillion more fun products out there now than when I started. Shortly after this is where I started getting scrapbook magazines too, which really helped me evolve. Some of my first pages are actually painful to look at they are so bad :( Sooooooo, my question to you is whether or not I should go back and spruce these pages up a bit???? Granted, I haven't even gotten up to date in their current books....but WHEN I DO......and I have NOTHING to do....should I go back and make the earlier books feel like they "belong" or just leave them looking like the ugly step sisters???? Whadda ya think?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Favorite Friday

I have to share my favorite Burt's stuff with you!! This Almond Milk Beeswax handcreme is awe.some!!!! I first got turned on to Burt's when I was a flight attendent....his things are all natural and now are readily available in Target and Walmart. This handcreme is very thick and quite greasy...but I loooooove to just put a lot on and work it smells sooooooo good! I keep a jar at my kitchen sink.....this little jar goes a long way because you only need a little bit.

I got hooked on this when my cuticles were so dry from flying around at 33,000 feet 15-18 days a month. I had them stashed all over the my apron pocket, purse, overnight bag and my car. If you haven't tried it, I know you'd love it. Tell Burt I said Hi :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's About Time!!!

I have NEVER taken this long to finish a scarf!!!!! I can't believe it took me soooo long! I started it last fall while I was sitting at football practice....then I got sidetracked with projects for the holidays and life in general....I picked it back up again this spring when lacrosse season started and I was sitting in my chair three nights a week at practice...I saw it on a A Little Bit of Scrap's blog last summer click HERE to see her's :) and she was so kind to share the pattern with me.... check out the bow-tie scarf she made.....I actually had the pattern for that one and made it for my soul sister Marzipan Mom for her birthday last fall.

It was supposed to be a gift for my sister for christmas....but since it wasn't finished on time....I think I'll keep it for a while and wear it once or twice :) Cubby was helping me by taking my picture......

Ummmmmm....and this one is a little blurry. But he was so happy to "help".

Monday, April 12, 2010

Things are Blooming Around Here

Let me just start off by saying these pictures DO NOT do these pretty blooms justice....the morning was beautiful and I just walked around my neighborhood and snapped a few pictures...Here is a pretty plum tree by my patio.

I love this looks like an umbrella :)

These PJM rhodedendrons are in full have to enjoy them quick because the blooms are gone in a week.

And how 'bout this Bradford Pear??? Isn't it perfect???

It just isn't spring without Daffodils.

This is a road near my neighborhood and I love these daffodils that line the woods along the edge of the grass. They come up every spring and are such a pretty thing.

And aren't these tulips the greatest shade of salmon?? These blooms only last just a few weeks........get out for a walk and enjoy them now!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Yeah!!! I've moved on.......done with Disney for a while. I'm on to CindyLou's...I know this will sound crazy to a lot of you, but I'm anal about all of my scrapbooks matching (shocker!!!) so they will look nice when they are on the bookshelves in our office. Here are some completed ones that I have on the shelves.

I figured out about how many I needed to finish the kids up to when they graduate from high school. Then I got busy buying them up on ebay.....because of course they have discontinued the albums I started with from Creative Memories. And of course the pink I am using for CindyLou is "rare" and makes them even harder to come by!! The navy blue are for T. and the black are for Cubby...So I found enough and then got an extra one just in case. Then I got busy trying to figure out how many page protectors and pages I would need too....and of course the treatgirl is not so good at math, so this took me a while.....and my secret agent Creative Memories rep helped me place my order just in the nick of time before these were all discontinued too. Wheh!!! Here they all are perched above the cabinets in my craft room.

Anywhoo......I have just completed Cindylou's page for her first day of fifth grade....and presently she is in 8th I'm a good 3 1/2 years behind...yikes!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT until I am up to date!!!!!!!!!!!

I did a little stitching and tearing....

A few embellishments, staples and a bit of journaling and the page is complete.

Here are a few pictures I have laid out for my next page....Chip took CindyLou to her first Pitt footbal game. I have been BUSY all week.......and trying to finish up a scarf that I started knitting last fall, so I haven't made much progress. Also, I can't seem to locate her ticket stub for the game and it's making me MAD!!! I am usually very good about keeping all of those safe....but about this time she started her own memory box up in her room and she may have snitched it....gotta check there. Hope your Sunday is wonderful....have a great week!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Favorite Friday

These two juices are BIG favorites over here!!! I can't have any other orange juice....other than fresh squeezed. Simply Orange is THE.BEST! I always get it with calcium too....can't hurt, right? I know this sounds weird...but it's great with pretzels!! Must be that sugar/salt thing. And the Simply Lemonade with Raspberry dosen't last around here AT ALL. I'm lucky if I get one glassful.....I could buy 5 of these at a time and they would be GONE....and I don't know......I just like the way the bottle feels too...kinda like a decanter or feels dressier when you put it on the table in the morning...rather than a jug or cardboard container. I know...who gives a hoot right?? just sayin'........

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend Recap

Our Easter weekend was sooooooooo nice....around here it was sunny, in the 80's, the spring flowers were blooming and we had fun things to do....we started off with the spring festival in the town near us...Cubby had so much fun. First, he did the egg hunt....

Then it was the bouncy-bounce...

A quick hello to the Easter Bunny....Cub was too busy having fun to sit and have his picture taken.

...and a little action in the obstacle course.

We came home and colored our eggs...always a favorite easter tradition around here...we all loooove eggs!

The treatgirl was very busy baking stressed me out a bit...but I was so happy with the results. I made cut out sugar cookies again. Look at this pretty dish I found at TJMaxx....I thought I could change the ribbon for the occassion/holiday.

Here's a coconut cake I made....I found the recipe in Better Homes and Gardens.....I had issues with it......there HAD to have been a mistake in the recipe...5 eggs???? 1 cup of milk??? The frosting was great......but next time I think I will just make the vanilla cupcake recipe I love from my real life friend Marzipan Mom.

Then, there was the sour cream coffe cake I made for Sunday morning before church. It was yummy. yum. yum....remind me to make that into a post is soooo good!! and easy too :)

We had one more little egg hunt before Easter dinner....Cubby is soooo into the holidays!! I love that about him. Of course I like to try and make everything special and memorable...but I know he totally appreciates everything and gets so truly makes it all worth it. Hope your Easter was happy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Okay, okay.....I know you are all about totally sick of seeing Disney pages over here....but here are the last two I wanted to share...Cubby had been really into Star Wars for about a year he was sooooo excited to go the Star Wars ride in Hollywood Studios. I tried to get him right down front to be picked for the storm trooper training....but he didn't have any luck. I did manage to get some good pictures though.

Just a few silver alphabet stickers and I made the Star Wars tag myself...

This is the last page in the album....I think it turned out cute. I saw this Mickey in the lobby of the Orlando airport when we first arrived and I knew I wanted to take the kids picture with him on our way home.

A chipboard Mickey, a bit of cardstock I used my edge punch on, stitching and tearing....

I made a big tag for the title, chalked the letters, a bit of ribbon and a big sequined brad to secure it....a few little embellishments. My nephew surprised us at the airport when we arrived home..... I just love the boys big smiles. Okay.......that's it! NO MORE DISNEY!!!! :) Happy Easter!!!!! Now go eat some chocolate.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Friday

Hi....Welcome back to Favorite Friday! At this time of the year one of my favorite things is CLEAN WINDOWS!!! I can thank my mom for this....she always loved clean windows and had her squeegee handy to wash a window or sliding glass door at any time. With the BEAUTIFUL weather we will be having around here for the next several days I washed my windows inside and out last weekend to be ready to put my screens in tomorrow. I always wash my own's a bit time consuming, but you can do them whatever day you want, and not have to wait for the guy to show up. Click HERE to check out my tutorial on window cleaning....and get out there and get some clean windows...they make you feel great!