Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Jars

I love my jars. You can click HERE to see another little post I did on other jars I love......Here are a few I keep out all winter. My dad's girlfriend gave me the snowman one on the left. It makes me happy. And the one on the right I got the day after Christmas a few years ago. They are both from the Hallmark store. And how perfect is that snowflake votive holder I got at RiteAid drugstore? ahhhhhh.....snowflakes. Don't get me started. I love them too!

Well look what I scored on at my Goodwill last week. Another Hallmark jar. With snowflakes AND mittens. MITTENS. LOVE THEM TOO. You can't really see it....but the knob on top is in the shape of a little jingle bell....

The same day I got the mitten jar, I got this merry days jar. From the Hallmark! And today I scored on ANOTHER one. I couldn't just leave it there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup. You guessed it.  Another jar from Hallmark. And mind you almost all of them still had the Hallmark sticker tags on the bottom. But I only paid .99 cents for him and $1.99 for the the other ones. I know I can't keep all of them.....So some of them may turn up as a treat for someone special next year :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting and sewing. And painting.

Wow. I can't believe it's almost the end of January. I have been loving my days. It's been snowy and cold and I've been very busy knitting, sewing and painting!! A lot. I always like to get started on my Christmas knitting in the days right after Christmas...and this year I got going on mittens. I like to have several pair in my stash. I even knit a red pair for Cub's bus driver for Valentine's Day. And for the record I don't need to look at the pattern anymore and I can knit a pair in 2 hours and 10 minutes without a potty break.

Look at this!!!! A hot water bottle cover. Who woulda thunk? I had seen one knit in cashmere on Restoration Hardware's website when I was looking around at Christmas time for $119! ....and I saw another one in my Country Living issue knit in alpaca on a farm in upstate New York fpr $68. So of course the Treatgirl decided she must need one and googled "free hot water bottle patterns" and found one for herself. I tweeked it a little bit and just used some Lions Brand yarn I had in my stash. That was the easy part. I didn't even know where to find the hot water bottle!!! Just in case you need one....they have them at Walmart for  $4.87.

Chip went to Nashville a week ago and and that also set off a flurry of sewing and painting. It all started with a new rug by my front door......Which lead to painting the office. And then the dining room. Which meant the front hall, powder room and upstairs hallway. And CindyLou's bedroom.  I did that all on my own. HE'S GONNA HELP me with the stairways, kitchen and great room. Hopefully by February 14th!! That's my deadline. :) And if I wasn't painting walls....I was painting on my ceramics. I making the cutest little things ever. NO pictures yet.....maybe later this week. Wheh. Then it was sewing new pillows. I had been around to TJMaxx and Marshall's several times and didn't find anything that spoke to me....But the down pillow inserts I had were perfectly fine. So I just got some fabric and made them myself.

And another set for the love seat....See my pretty snowman tree in the background?

Which lead to a new cover for the window seat in my kitchen.

 And if I wasn't painting or sewing I was knitting these adorable little hearts. I had forgotten all about them until a friend stopped over for a quick little lesson the day I was painting my dining room. It was a wonderful break and I was happy she inspired me. Click HERE for the pattern. Chip is away again all next week.......It's on to the kiddos bathroom re-do! And maybe a little more painting and knitting :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It Took Me a While.....

 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is happy and heatlhy! The last few weeks have been a blur and I've been wanting to share so's just life has gotten in the way. And my new phone..... Santa brought me the Samsung Galaxy and I know I'm going to love it some day.....but I'm still learning and it's getting frustrating. Anyhoo....I took these pictures of our Soul Sister Christmas party and it's taken me this long to figure out how get them off of my phone and into the computer. Yikes!!! Our annual Christmas get together was actually in January this I'm not as late as it really seems. One of our sisters was very sick so we post-poned it until January 2nd. Which was sooooo nice. We met at our traditional little restaurant....

 ...We played the guess-the-waiters-name game. I was there early and he introduced himself to me and I still didn't remember it!! So I got to play too :) Here I am with MarzipanMom.

Of course we had our ornament exchange. Always homemade for less than $10.

Here are the sisters with a little extra treat I knitted for everyone....

Coffee cup cozies!! They all loved them.....Can you believe I didn't make one for myself??? I might have to do that.

And of course we conned our waiter into taking our group shot too. This year the day after the party I ran into my local Walgreens to buy my 6th tree just for all of my precious Soul Sister ornaments. I tried to sneak it in, but Chip noticed. Oh well....I don't care. It is perfect!!! And I already know what I'm making for 2013! Hope your holidays were happy!!!!! Bundle up and keep warm!