Saturday, November 23, 2013

I Spray Painted Bunk Beds!

Cubby has been wanting bunk beds FOR.EVER. He sleeps with about a zillion stuffed animals in his twin bed every night....there is hardly any room for him at all. He has said bunk beds wold solve the problem. I have been kind of been looking around on Craigslist but didn't want to spend a lot because I figured the novelty would wear off  soon and I didn't want to invest a lot.

Well, my friend was getting rid of this set of  bunk beds and gave them to us for free. Cub was THRILLLED! They were very sturdy and in pretty good shape....just needed a little bit of TLC. 
And I wasn't too thrilled with the oak color.....Cub has cherry dressers....I thought black would look better. So like every good girl I started looking around Pinterest to see how to spray paint furniture!

I was nervous to get started....but the more I read, the technique seemed pretty easy. And when I went to Walmart to check out their selection of spray paint there was a girl there who doing the same thing and had already painted a bunch of stuff. I picked her brain with a few questions I had and thought I can really do this. I settled on the Krylon brand of spray paint called Fusion in a satin black finish. It says on the can it adheres to plastic, wood, metal and wicker. It also said I didn't need to sand or prime. Well, almost everywhere I read suggested to lightly I did. It only took about a half hour. I did skip the priming part. And I don't think it made a difference.

It was super windy the day I wanted to get I laid plastic drop cloths in my garage and got started. I couldn't believe how fast it went!!!! I love the satin finish too. You need to work quickly and evenly. It didn't take me long to get the hang of it.

Look!!!!!!! They turned out GREAT!!! Cubby loves them and so do all of his stuffed friends. The first night he slept on the top bunk with all of them.....he said it was like a kingdom of fluffiness :)  The project used a lot less cans than I thought.....only 7. I was planning on 10 or 12. A suggestion I would make would be not to bring them inside for 5-7 days until they are REALLY dry. They will feel dry enough in a day....but we had a few scratches that I had to touch up because I was impatient (and Cub was hounding me) to get them set up. They aren't going to be family heirlooms....but for the $40 I spent they will keep Cub happy for a long time.