Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Trip to Florida

Greetings from sunny Florida!!!! Cubby and I planned a little getaway with my cousin's family from Buffalo. We went to Orlando, but for some reason I call the whole Orlando area "Disney" ... we really didn't even go to the Magic Kingdom this trip. We were so lucky to be able to stay at my aunt's timeshare again. It was perfect!!! Here, let me show you all the fun we had.........

One day we took a road trip to visit my mom in Delray Beach. It was the best day!! We had a lovely lunch at her beach club, went to the beach, and swam in the pool.

Here are the little ones carrying their boards over to the beach.

The pool was fun too!! We had rain almost every day.....but it didn't put a damper on much. Where we stay has fun activities for the kiddos all day long. They played games, tie-dyed tshirts, did crafts, there was an animal show and Cub got to hold an alligator. Of course it's the one picture of the week I missed :(  We all loved the hot tub too.

We went to Universal and Isands of Adventure. It was our big park day....The Treatgirl isn't much of a daredevil....so she didn't do many rides (actually just two). It worked out great that my cousin, her husband and little girl took Cub on all the rides while I sat with our bags and cameras. I did love the Shrek 4-D and Twister attractions though :)

The Harry Potter area was Cub's big thing.....Just recently he started watching all of the movies. They looooooooved the ride in Hogwarts and he spent all of his cash on a wand. He's been practicing his spells on me :)

Ok. Here is the one of the rides I did go on....The Carousel in the Dr. Seuss area :)

Another day we went to Wonderworks. The kiddos loved it. It is filled with lots of hands on experiments...A bed of nails you can lie on, a room that simulates a hurricane, a bubble lab, and an XD theater where you wear 3D glasses to feel like you're riding a rollar coaster. On the top floor you can walk along all kinds of tight ropes and wooden bridges high above the floor. Another thing the Treatgirl didn't feel daring enough to try.

Oh...here's a picture of Wonderworks before we went in....

A couple rounds of putt putt.

And a visit to Downtown Disney on our last night. It went by soooooo fast. The two teenagers and Hubs stayed home and had a week without any rules....now it's back to reality. But we have a ton of wonderful memories!!!