Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Well.......It's About Time!

Peeps!!! I'm BACK!!!!!!! Yeah for me!!!!!!! I feel so great!! I've missed you all, and have had soooooooo much to say!!! First of all, I want to thank you all for staring at those cupcake measuring spoons for so long.....even I was getting sick of them!!! Second....a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Joybeadworks!!! She is my real life friend and she happened to knock on my door with a treat for me...just as I was sitting down to our big computer in the study to try and figure out how to load pictures into it so I could start blogging again....she breezed in, plugged my card reader into a USB port....made a couple of clicks.....and VOILA! I'm here!!!! Thanks so much Miss!!

Sooooo, Anyhoo.......I have so many things to share with without my laptop hasn't been easy...this must be what my teenagers feel like when I take away their cellphones!! But I should have it back by the end of the I'm not promising too much in the blogging is CRAZY to be couped up in here strapped to this chair...but I love you guys and I'll try my hardest!

Well.....let's start with the A.MAZ.ING necklace I got for Mother's Day from the kiddos...My friend Ms. Joy has them for sale in her Etsy HERE to see them on her blog. ummmm, I have to confess...I kinda orchestrated the whole thing.....I got the forms from Joy...made the kids sit down and color them in.....wrote a note saying to call Chip on his cell phone to make arrangements, dropped the forms off in her mailbox, and actually answered the door when she dropped it back off.(sometimes a girl just has to do these things! ) But let me tell you I was SUR.PRISED when I opened it up and saw how beautiful it was!!!!!!!!! I truly love it and will treasure it always! ps...this picture just doesn't do it is waaaay prettier in real-life!

Wheh!! It feels so great to be back!!!! I'll be back soon!!!!


Southern Belle Mama said...

So glad you're back!! :) Your necklace is gorgeous...what a sweet Mother's Day present.

Wendy said...

YEA!!! Your back!!! You've been missed! And I love your new necklace! Beautiful! Hey, I'm having a littl giveaway ~ come on by if you get a chance.

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

So glad to have you back up and running!

Your Mother's Day necklace is ADORABLE! I just love that!!!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

What a gift to have a friend like her! And that necklace is really lovely.