Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Love Jars

I love jars. I really do. Any size. Any shape. Pretty. Plain. Old. New. Big. Little. Mason....you name it. When I see an empty jar I immediately wonder what I can fill it with? where I can put it?...If I can make it into a craft? A gift? Use it to get organized....something the Treatgirl is always striving for!! :)

I have some very sentimental jars. After my mother in law passed away, my father in law had all of us girls help him go through her things. One thing I chose was this very pretty jar. I love the etched detail and the perfect ball for a handle on the lid. I usually keep it out of harm's way in the dining room and at different times of the year fill it with treats.

This little candy jar was a gift from my husband's grandmother, Mimi, for my wedding shower. It's just precious....again, very sentimental.

Here is my newest jar....We were helping my husband's Aunt get packed up to move and she had several boxes of things in her garage that she was going to donate...and this perfect jar was on top. OF COURSE I picked it right up and thought what I could do with it....and for sure...as with many jars they are a wonderful keepsake reminder of a very dear person. So, it came home with me....and I filled it with coffee.....for the time being. Because I always like to rotate and re-purpose my jars....one week candy, the next week paper clips. Keeps things interesting.

These are some random jars I found around my kitchen....and old Mason jar with green tea bags, that's my protein dust in the middle one...and some nuts in other. I just feel like everything is a bit more special in a jar. Am I the only one????? Do you have a few around too????


Jennifer Juniper said...

Love the jars! I would probably have more of them, but I also love to stack stuff, so jars don't work well for that :(

Yummy shortcakes!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hearing you on the jar addiction!