Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I'm soooo happy with my flowers this year....It's always my reward after all the springtime work is done....getting the patio furniture out, pressure washing the driveway, edging, the mulch project, washing the windows etc......I take a few days to scout out the possibilities....and then I start collecting....buying a few here and there......I usually just like pink and white combinations for my pots and window boxes...but the kids got me a hanging basket of purple wave I broke from tradition to tie it into my dear neighbor noticed....I love her for it...because I am such a creature of habit it was very hard for me to deviate!!!!.....for 15 years I have planted geraniums in the front of my house.....I love them!!!!.....I can't ever see me NOT planting geraniums!!!.......just like the Southgate Plaza in West Seneca, NY near where I grew up....they have been planting pink petunias since I was a little girl......some may say boring!!!....but not me, I love the traditon of it....I wonder who has been deciding that all these years????!!!!


Joy Beadworks said...

Oh, I love geraniums, but I realize that not everyone does (how could they NOT???)I, too, am a creature of habit and have a tendency to plant the same things...when you find what works, why mess with ti!

Jennifer Juniper said...

My goal is to figure out the "cottage garden" thing for this summer. Hey, I'm from Corning/Elmira New York to your southwest! :) Oh, I finally saw Grey's Anatomy and I loved the scene on the hill you two were talking about!