Thursday, May 22, 2008


Believe it or not....these little pups....measuring just 2" long are a very BIG part of our family!!!!.....My youngest son has made them a part of his life....and ours!!!......they all have names...starting left to right there is Snickerbocker, nickname "Snicks"...then Brown Dog, Jeff , last name "The Kid", Lily, Sean, and the two on the end that look the same have the same name....Pokey!! members all ask about how Jeff and pups are Dads girlfriend has spent hours playing hide and seek with them all...I ran into a friend yesterday who said that they are even talked about in her house as all started when my daughter recieved an Only Hearts Club doll and it included one of these little dogs with her.....the dalmation named Jeff (not the name it came with...I think the real name is Dots!).....Jeff got lost at my sister in laws house last year when the kids spent the weekend when my husband took me away for my birthday...we thought Jeff got lost in the woods and would be gone forever....but a few weeks later my niece gave him back in a little box, she had found him in the sheets of her bed! the meantime we found Snickerbocker in a box in my desk.....we were looking for something else and there she was!!!......We didn't even know we had her......we were reunited with was a happy day!!! ....over the past year we have lost and found both of them several times....and it's a great Friday night when our pizza is delivered with one of those little white tables in the middle of it....the perfect table for the pups!!!...they have quite the home....often times they live in the Fisher-Price Imaginext castle...they have scooters, dog beds, a football, skateboards, they have travelled to school in the pocket of a backpack,church restaurants and gone on vacation...........once over the winter my son conned my Dad into buying a doll for him at Target just to replace Jeff that had been missing for weeks.....I ended up selling the doll on ebay for $12.50 so it didn't seem too bad paying $15 for a tiny little pup!!!!....and Snickerbocker got left behind at the YMCA one night....I raced right back up there but no one had turned her in.......and I am forever grateful for some woman in Michigan who was selling three sets of the pups and their beds on ebay.....and the "Easter Bunny" was able to put them in my sons basket!!!

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marzipanmom said...

NOW I know who snickerbocker is! How cute!