Sunday, October 26, 2008

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K said...

Hi Pamskies! I absolutely love your blog! I feel as if I have caught up with your life in just one night of reading. Your thoughts,comments, and ideas are all so inspiring. I woke up this morning and already thought of you and your wisdom...I took a moment to look out at "my" sunset...shared with Tim the way to have soft butter (need to get me one of those things..what are they call? I'll check back to your blog..)...looked at my roasted chicken that is in the frig, and decided I'm going to try Pam's cheader corn chowder instead of white chilli chicken...poured my second cup of Jo and added the magic coffemate creamer (another Pam thought...gotta try the pumpkin spice flavor for fall...)....realized when Katie and I went on a leaf collecting walk, we didn't see any of the helicopters in our neighborhood..we need to look harder, because yes, this is something "simple" but a memory of childhood to pass on..
I signed in to start a blog...however I'm not setting expectations too high for myself.
I am now offically a follower of your blog and looking forward to reading daily. I'm rambling that ok on a blog?
I need to figure out downloading of pictures to the site..which reminds me..I NEED a new camera, and I may take your recommendation and get your "girl". I'll call you before I buy to get the skinny.
Gotta run..busy week with work, and more importantly..Halloween festivities with the kids!!! Parties, candy, CUPCAKES, costumes, candy, parades, candy, more candy. Take care and keep on blogging. I love it!!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

that smilebox thing ROCKS! Gotta try it, you little computer minx!

Joy Beadworks said...

I think you've just lept over the rest of us in your computer savy smilebox thing!