Friday, October 24, 2008

o'dark hundred

The term o'dark hundred stems back to my flight attendant days where all you use is military time....generally on extremely early departures when we would have to meet in the lobby of our hotel at 5am.....that meant getting up in the middle of the night....for anyone who knows me, I am generally not a morning person....I usually stay up very late every night and getting up early is torture ,and the only thing I don't miss about leaving my job as a flight attendant......well this is the first year my daughter has had to ride the early bus for arrives at our bus stop at 6:43am...and she is an even worse morning person than I am!!!.....several weeks before school started she and I would comment about what time she would have to go to bed, how hard it was going to be to get up etc.......then about a week into school it dawned on me how hard it was going to be for me!!!!!!!!!!!!...I'm still going to bed after midnight every night and by Friday I feel like someone poured sand into my eyes!!.....but it is amazing how much I can get done before 8am...yet still feel like I'm not getting anything done!!! is that???...this view of the sunrise from my deck is beautiful every morning and I like to catch a glimpse of it to start my makes me take a deep breath and appreciate all things simple and wonderful.


GerberaGirl said...

I love your sunrise!!! It is the same one I enjoy out my bathroom window!!

Joy Beadworks said...

My kids ran outside to see that sunrise this morning! They OOhed and AAhed. It made me feel like I'm doing something right somehow in that they appreciate what's important...the dawn of a beautiful new day.