Friday, October 30, 2009

Pup is a Princess!!

Pup is a princess this year for Halloween!!! For those of you who don't know...pup is a VERY important member of our family...she's (yes, pup is a girl.) been Cubby's best friend since he was born. Click HERE to get pup's full biography :) With as CRAZY as my Octobers always are Cub always seems to come up with pup's halloween costume idea at the last minute...we carved her pumpkin last week at our streets annual pumpkin carving party..and no, it's not moldy, he wanted to paint it a little bit before he carved it, "pup likes it that way"...and this year she was to be a princess. Well how lucky was I to remember Cindylou had a rhinestone tiara barrette from long ago still in her possesion...this got things off to a great last night while I was watching the Yankees WIN (just had to get that in there :) I finished up her tu-tu skirt....and made a wand. Cub requested that it have "gwitter"...because he still can't say his r's and I still think it's adorable!

Two years ago she was a witch....yes, I made that little felt hat all by myself....I don't see any awards for mommy of the year on my shelf from that one...but I know deep in my heart it was worth staying up until 2am!

And last year she was a ghost. Complete with her own little ghost trick or treat bucket! I know, I may seem a little crazy to make a costume for a little stuffed dog. But as long as she is Cub's best friend and he wants her to dress up I'll do it!! Trick or TREAT!!


Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Oh friend!! Very cute! And I totally get this...we have birthday parties for a turtle named Tiny Tim who also has his own homemade Christmas stocking!! Don't mention the halloween costume thing where Kylee can hear it or she will have me making a tiny pirate costume or something!!! SHHHHHHH!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

So sweet :)

happy mama said...

yeah, you got a tutu:)

Joy Beadworks said...

I absolutely LOVE it that you care enough to dress your little boy's best friend.