Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's Play a Game

Here is an assortment of Cubby's favorite games....he loooooves to play games. We try to play a few times a week....with him going to afternoon kindergarten we usually have time a few mornings a week. I tried to start a family game night that included the older two kiddos as well....but it didn't go over very well. Part of the problem being the age difference....the only way we could do it was if they played his games....and let me just say they weren't thrilled. The one and only night was sheer torture.....although Cub announced several times,"I just wuv family game night" which point the older two moaned and rolled their eyeballs. So now it works out great that we play whatever he wants...just the two of us. I know I will ache for mornings like these when he is away from me next year. I'm already dreading when he will be in school all day in first grade. a reminder...don't forget to enter my very first here to see all about it....You have one more day!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such fun! We're gamers here--Chinese Checkers, Sequence, Cootie, Guess Who, "Up the ladder down the chute," and just taught Mr. T CRIBBAGE!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I almost never played games with my kids at that age, I couldn't bear it! I will tear my hair out if I have to play chutes and ladders! But now, we can all play dominoes and blockus and I'm in on the game night :)

Wendy said...

Oooh, Action love to play games as well: operation, memory, zingo, kerplunk ~ now he is starting to like cards as well.