Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Let's just start by sayin' I'm not impressed with the background for my pictures for this post...the shag carpet of my family room doesn't really do my cute pages any next week I'll try to improve on that! But it's hard to take a picture of something that's 12"x12"......any suggestions???? Well, this is the first page in Cub's Disney scrapbook....He was soooooo excited to get his "ears"...the first thing we did when we went down Main St.

As you can see....I like to tear paper and have used a few Mickey things...and how 'bout Chip in his scooter?....his ankle can't take all that walking, so we rented one for him.....drove me NUTS!!!!!! He and T. were taking turns driving it like they were in the X games....but it was GREEEAAT to pile our stuff in and we got on all the rides super fast in the handicap lane.....worth the $45 a day for a "Fast Pass" onto the rides!!

This page and the previous one are side by side.....I always like to coordinate my paper and accessories...I also used my sewing machine...her name is Bessie,she's a bit temperamental, but that's another story..... a bit to add some interest...As you can see Cubby loooooves Mickey!!! We ate a bunch of Mickey ice cream bars and he got Pup a friend.....her very own Mickey.


Wendy said...

Super cute! I've been working on finding my craft table this weekend :)

marzipanmom said...

I use that thick white posterboard to photograph on - always a nice white background. Love the scrapbooking pages - and wish I had the patience for it!