Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Soul Sisters Summer Luncheon

Some of the Soul Sisters got together last week at Ms. Juniper's house...we were all in need of a little "sister time". Jennifer was kind enough to put it together and throw out her massive slip and slide for the kiddos to have fun on a sweltering 90 degree day.

Cubby had a blast and declared Ms. Jen "THE BEST!!!!"

We had salads.....Jennifer made a delicious tortellini, artichoke, chicken salad which I'm hoping she will post about soon so I can snag the recipe off of her...HINT*HINT!!
And I brought along a new corn salad which is a keeper!!! Super EAAASSSY!!! Check back here tomorrow for the how-to on that one.

And what is a Soul Sister get together without a yummy something from Marzipan?!! It was her daughters birthday and E. requested a Boston Cream Pie. Can you believe the Treatgirl NEVER had Boston Cream Pie????! I was soooooo confused, because actually...it's not pie, it's CAKE!

She assembled it on location, for obvious reasons and it was YUM.MY YUM YUM!!! Click HERE to see her post on it and to get the recipe.

We had a lot of laughs, got caught up on our summers, made a few plans for when the kiddos go back to school, and the whole gang also helped me with a few things that needed to be tweaked on my itty, bitty blog...

Voila!! A new summer look just for you! As always.....thank you so much Sisters...I soooooooo needed a little girlie time.


marzipanmom said...

So fun! Can't wait for the next outing!

Joy Beadworks said...

What an oasis to daily life you all are!

Lisa Russell said...

Looks like a fun time!