Monday, October 25, 2010

Really, I Needed Them

Really....for reals. I came to the conclusion a few weeks ago I needed an everyday pair of black shoes. I have cute black ballet flats, pumps, or boots.....but nothing in between. So since it was in my head I have been on the hunt....I wanted something comfy that I could knock around in...well...ta-da! I found these great clogs at Marshall's two days ago. I wore them around the store for a little bit...they are by the same company that made one of my favorite pair of boots...Born. Click HERE to see all of my favorite boots. These clogs are so comfy they feel like slippers! They are suede and I need to waterproof them but I think will love them for a very long time.


Judy@cutest-little-things said...

I've been looking for something like that! I need a comfy pair of cute-looking every day, casual shoes.

Great score!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

They look so comfy! And you're right--you DO need in-between back shoes. Totally.

sassy said...

LOVE them! I have a fuzzy black pair of cloggs but it get so cold here my UGGS barely keep me warm! Congrats on the football, make sure those helmets are on tight!