Friday, November 20, 2009

I Love My Boots

I first have to say this is my first post where I am in all the pictures...I took them all myself! And I was sweating putty balls as I was running up and down the stairs changing my outfits and boots...because I had my camera set up in the dining room. But anywhoo......I love my boots!!! I lost a bunch of weight two years ago and had to re-create my a whole new wardrobe for was fun...but now I have been concentrating on my footwear...can you believe my feet got smaller as well???anyway I am in love with my boot collection! It is perfect! This is my most recent pair....I just got them two weeks ago when I was away with my soul sisters. I tried them on and they were as comfy as slippers. I thought about them all afternoon and stopped in and got them on our way home. I llloooove them! I've worn them almost everyday.....they look great with skinny jeans.

They also look great with this cute corduroy skirt I got at Walmart. It was on sale for $7!!! I loved it so much I got a brown one too :) For $7 dollars I couldn't not!

These are my new hot weekend boots. I am waaaay taller in them.....and I think even a smidge taller than Chip when I have them on...but I don't care!

I saw them a month or so ago....I had been looking for a dressy pair of black boots for the holidays. I kept looking, but I went back for these after I had been all over town. They look so awesome I had to show them up close.

These boots are from Nine West and I wear them ALL.THE.TIME. I learned from my cousin, Gerberagirl...."If you love them, buy them in black and brown."

So I did!!!

I did for these boots too! They are also from Nine West...I fell in love with the black ones at Macys and wanted the brown ones I went down to the Nine West store and they were on sale I got BOTH pair for the price of one.SCORE!!! They are great for walking all day....or for a concert when you're on your feet all night. Like I will be when I go see Bruce Springsteen Sunday night in Buffalo :)

These are hand me downs from my sister. I didn't care for them at first...but a friend wore a similar pair a few weeks ago when were were out and I remembered I had these in my closet....they are Frye boots and I actually saw a similar pair brand new at the store...So thought I would get them out and knock around in them for a while :)

These are my lucky football boots. They're from Target and they are terrific for all of those rainy and muddy football and soccer games. The Chiefs won their playoff and Super Bowl games because I had these on :)

These Uggs are THE.COZIEST!!! With my sister living in Vail, Co. it's always a great Christmas gift suggestion...she treated me to these last year.

And these Uggs were from two years ago....I love to throw them on when I'm running around town.

Cindylou just asked me if she could borrow these little short ones for school tomorrow. Now that we're the same might get a little crazy around here.

These Havana Joe's are great for knocking around on hikes or football practices in the fall....with the heel, even though they are construction boots, they look a little bit more girlish and fun. Wheh! I didn't really realize I had the perfect boot collection until today. Ummmmm....and I don't think Chip does either....and I'd like to keep it that way....don't be blabbing about it if you run into him....I'm pretty sure he NEVER checks this blog.....and I'd like to keep it that way too!!! :)


happy mama said...

Great collection! The going out boots and the dark brown Ugs are my 2 top favs, but the other tall boots (new one and sisters) are right up there as well! Fun post!

Joy Beadworks said...

We have exactly that same taste in boots! They are all great. The only exception is that I'd be ALL OVER those Frye Boots! I'd wear them everyday.

girlinthesticks said...

I love your boots! I agree with Joy, the Frye ones are awesome...this reminds me I need to shop for a pair of skinny jeans! Any advice?

Cat Burns said...

I NEED to know where you found your weekend boots! I have been searching high and low for a pair like them and haven't found anything!

marzipanmom said...

I've been wearing the same black boots every winter for years. I need an update! - maybe I'll swing by Marshalls and FF today and have a look! Love your boot collection!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your boots kick butt! Congrats to you for finding so many that you like and that fit--they do look very cute. I ordered a pair that I've been coveting since August and I expect them any day...meanwhile I only have my wellingtons and sloppy winter weather boots.

alittlebitofscrap said...

Love the boots!

Darin, Jenn and Ivy said...

Where did you get that first pair?! And I LOVE Gap skiny jeans.