Monday, December 13, 2010


Just look at this happy guy!! I rescued him a few months ago. When my mother in law passed away in August my father in law went through all of the seasonal decorations and put everything in boxes in his garage for all of us to go through. Cindylou and I stopped over and went through everything. We couldn't resist this little guy. He was a little bit bedraggled....a few seams coming apart, his jingle bells tarnished and a stain on his white collar....but impish and cute just the same. I brought him home and last week I performed surgery, replaced his bells with shiny gold ones and used a little oxyclean on his collar. I got him looking his cutest again. I was hoping to surprise Chip with a happy memory from Christmases when he was little.....but he didn't even recognize him!!!

But I perched him on a branch on our tree and love that he is smiling at me through the holday season...reminding me that everything is fun! There is a book about a magical elf, that comes with an elf that you can move around your house....I saw it at Barnes and Noble....but this little guy is just as magical for our family. I'm hoping he will give our family many happy holiday memories.


Judy@cutest-little-things said...

How cute!

I bought Christopher Pop-in-Kins last year for my son. It's a combination little elf doll and storybook about a little elf that wants to experience the childrens' joy so Santa allows him to "pop in" to childrens' home - each day in a different place - to report back to Santa.

My son has come to adore this new tradition! It's fun finding new places to hide the elf and see my son's surprise when he discovers him each morning!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's one happy looking little guy.