Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite Friday

If these aren't a favorite of yours yet....they should be. They have a "Don't gain, Maintain" program at my gym during the holidays. Essentially you get weighed the week of Thanksgiving, then again the first week of January....and the idea is not to gain over the holidays. I made a deal with myself to not eat any candy for those weeks. weeelll.....that didn't go very well. These are a FAVORITE of mine, and they only have them at this time of the year. I couldn't help myself and bought a box while I was in Target...the only place I've found that has them. I only had a few every couple of days....I'm not happy I broke my promise to myself...but oh well...a few Peppermint Junior Mints helps keep me in the holiday spirit!

1 comment:

Wendy said...

I've never even heard of these!!! Must try them!!