Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite Friday

Happy Friday Bloggy friends! Just because I haven't posted about any treasures I've found at my Goodwill lately, doesn't mean I haven't been there and scored. I'm almost embarrassed to admit I sometimes stop 2 or 3 times a week!!!! Look what I found the other day when I wasn't even looking.......These super amazing pumps from Black Market White House. I llloove the peek-a-boo toe and lace's hard to see, but there are pretty black jewels along the opening too... Of course I did't "NEED" them, but for $7.99 I couldn't just leave them there!!

And on the next shelf over were these cutie patooties from Nine West. For REALS! Aren't they hot???? Can you see the gold heel???? I thought with a cute skirt or pair of skinny jeans this summer.....and again, I didn't NEED them...but for a whopping $4.99 I WAS NOT leaving them there!!!

Oh, and Yes, I painted my toes just to take these pictures :) I looooovve Essie nailpolish and now they have it at my Walmart. This is Peach Daiquiri if you'd like to get your toes into flip flop shape too! Have a happy weekend!!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

How in the hell do you find such cute stuff there?!? I never find anything but pilly old navy sweaters :(

janet said...

Ok Miss Treat Girl...obviously we need to teach Miss Jen the fine points of thrifting ;->

Your shoes would go nicely with my $7.00 Kate Spade leather shoulder bag ($349.00 retail)

Love the shoes and the toes

Janet xox

Wendy said...

Hot Hot Hot!!! :)

Joy Beadworks said...

I can't believe you find stuff there! You must get there 10 minutes after the very trendy woman who is exactly your size drops off her good stuff!