Thursday, March 3, 2011

Performing Surgery

Pup has been a member of our family since Cubby was born. Over the years she has been everywhere with, holidays, portraits taken at Target, first days of school and football games...sleepovers, Walmart. She has been Cub's best friend and has her own voice. She calls me "Aunt Pam", and I make her a Halloween costume every year too! We celebrate her birthday...whenever Cub decides....usually several times a year. There is the perfect "Pup-size" birthday cake at Walmart. When she was about 2 years old I decided I better find her an identical back up on ebay unless we lost her forever....after months of searching I found her! We've lost her a few times, but she's always come home. He knows when she needs a bath, because she starts "smelling like a french fry." A fews ago she told me she needed a bit more fluff because she was having a hard time keeping her head up. We decided she needed surgery.

So we gathered up our supplies.....

...and Cub handed over the perfect amount of fluff...until she was perfect again!

With a lot of hugs from Cubby she is well on her way to recovery.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Any chance you'd do some of our overloved stuffed animals?

Joy Beadworks said...

You and Cub are so brave! Glad Pup has recovered nicely.