Thursday, October 20, 2011

Crazy for Boots!

Sssshhhhhhhh.....don't tell my hubs....but I got FOUR pair of boots this week. Pllleeaaase don't think I'm crazy....I can explain.

I've been struggling these past several weeks at Cubby's football practices and has been rainy and muddy here for several weeks, and I just didn't have the right footwear. After assessing my boot situation, I decided I needed to fill in the gaps. Not that I don't have ANY boots ( please click HERE to see what I'm talking about) But almost everything I had was too "good" to wear to a muddy football game. Sooooooo here we go....This first pair are Timberland "Nellie". They are the perfect chocolate brown, completely waterproof and the lady who sold them to me said I could hose the mud right off. Perfect for these fall days we've been having. Can you picture the Treatgirl raking leaves with these on????

I actually had these identical L.L. Bean moccasin boots when I was in high school, only in brown. I've been thinking of getting them for a while now....There is an L.L. Bean store at the mall near me...and last Sunday when I took Cindylou to the mall for the afternoon, I gave in.

I thought they'd be great to knock around in... for slipping on to go to the bus stop, get the mail or some light shoveling in the winter.

I stood and debated for a long time on these Wellies while Cindylou sat and waited....I truly didn't NEED them....The moccasin boots could probably cover the same job.

But I couldn't decide between the two....and between football, lacrosse and soccer games I figured I could switch back and forth week after week.

I have 3 other pair of black boots. But they're high heeled, flat or dressy. I thought these would be great with jeans and a hoodie. I know I will wear them a lot. Really. I will. So there it I crazy???? I promise, no more boots :)


Courtney said...

Boots are like black shoes, one can never have enough. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm like you--I own as many boots as I do pairs of shoes. They are practical when you live in our climate!