Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Granny Squares

You may remember I had a dear friend over last fall to give me and my friend Jennifer Juniper our very own crochet lesson. Click HERE to check it out....Well, I hadn't kept up with my practicing, and I realized my intention of starting a one-a-day granny square blanket in January was not happening because I kinda forget how to make them :( I contacted Sondie and arranged a little refresher course. But since the Treatgirl can kinda get crazy and want to do everything NOW....I decided to teach myself again with a little how-to video on youTube!

So, this past Sunday while I was watching football, I was also watching the granny square video and started cranking them out. I know you probably can't fathom how happy this made me.....but it made me VERY happy! I've even timed myself and at this point it takes me exactly 30 minutes to make one square. I know I'm still a little awkward at, I'm hoping to improve my time over the next few weeks. Look at my progress in just a few days....

My thinking is that I have a whole bin of left over yarn from various projects over the years, and I will just make all different random granny squares with it. Obviously some of it is different weight and texture.....but I should have plenty to make a WHOLE LOTTA squares.

So....right now I have 12 done, and it's the 25th of January. I'm gonna crank a bunch more out until I am caught up with the calendar...follow me??? Then try REALLY hard to keep up with my one square a day project. As I've been crocheting away over here I had the wild idea that I will just stash them away.....and as my nieces and nephews get engaged over the next several years I will piece one together for each of their bridal showers....what do you think??


Wendy said...

And they look fabulous! Way to go Treat Girl! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

How cool that you whipped out all those granny squares! Great use of old yarn, too.