Saturday, September 27, 2008

fall favorites

It is officially fall..........I'd have to say it's my favorite season......I love them all....but fall wins by just a is my official fall favorite list for 2008:

1. Chilly nights......this ties directly into #"s 2 & 3...
2. bonfires
3. warm cozy sweaters
4. Chiefs football
5. leaves changing...falling....rustling and blowing along the street
6. squirrels scurrying
7. acorns!!!
8. pumpkin beverages.....and when a friend surprises you with the first pumkin creamer of the's heavenly!
9. actually pumpkin anything!!.....muffins , pie, rolls, bundt get the idea!
10. soups, casseroles and crockpot dinners
11. A hike at McConnells Mill
12. cider and apple pie
13. my kids birthdays!!...I love planning the parties, making the treat bags, and getting their pictures taken!
14. mums
15. Trick or Treating and halloween candy! I know what my mom was doing after we went to bed on halloween night! :)
16. mums
17. this awesome cream cheese and caramel dip for apples! life changed forever when my friend brought this to a party a few years ago.
18. helping out at school for the parties
I savor these days........they don't last long!!!!......happy fall everyone!

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Jennifer Juniper said...

I make a great pumpkin cheesecake, I'll have to get out the ingredients!