Sunday, September 21, 2008

my perch

This is my little perch.....right at the end of my island.....I feel like I'm wearing out that end bar stool...maybe I should rotate them???....this has become my hang out.....we even conducted out tech meeting from here.....I thought once I got my laptop I'd be all over the place with it....but not so much......I've almost banned myself from taking it upstairs at bedtime....I was turning nocturnal and getting almost no sleep.....I'm realizing this is the most perfect spot for me.....I can do tons of stuff from my perch....check on emails, keep up with my blog, track ebay, do lots of googling, download pictures, create smilebox treats, and general computer work....I talk on the phone here, open the mail, go through the kids papers, watch out my back windows and keep track of my neighbors comings and goings, hop out to my deck to wave at friends and relatives walking by, I can keep and eye on Cubby as he plays in the great room and also watch things on the stove or in the oven...the laundry room is just a few steps away so I'm hopping in there all the time to fold or put things in the dryer......even at night I sit here when the house is quiet...I have the t.v. on and sit at my perch doing things on the'd think I'd move to the comfy chair or couch, but by the time I think of it it's time to unload the dishwasher, make lunches for the next day, set up my coffee maker and let the dog out----perch time is over!....I tried to set up that little desk area in my kitchen as my special spot...but the stool that is there is too low....and I can't see anything still just gathers junk until I know someone is coming over and then I try and clear it off and throw everything into a laundry basket out of sight! might notice the cute bag that I made at my sewing bee hanging on the back of the stool....this is pretty much where it stays with my knitting and a few magazines and snacks for Cubby in it to grab on my way out the door to football practice.....and to the side of my computer is my little food notebook and Sharpie marker.....I haven't been very diligent about writing in it lately and am trying to improve.....and I LOVE Sharpie ultra fine point black markers!!!.....I have them my drawers, purses etc....I even found the cutest tiny one to hang on my keychain! you can see there is another little laptop next to mine....Cubby got this adorable Cars laptop from his friend Devin as an early birthday now we work side by side.....this could very well become his perch too!!!!...I have noticed that I don't feed the kids at the snack bar anymore though.....there are only two available stools....Cub and I still eat lunch here together and the older two sit by themselves at the other end to eat their breakfasts.....but previously when my husband wasn't home I'd sit all three kids at the snack bar and then I would sit by myself at the that is one good thing....we all sit at the table together! Dinner time ...just like it should be!! What a treat!

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