Thursday, September 11, 2008

my camera

I have a great Kodak easyshare that I've had for about 3 years's my first digital camera and I decided I wanted to jump into "digital" after I used my cousins at her 4oth surprise birthday party to capture all of the party moments for her.....I loved it!!! husband got me the same exact one and it has been wonderful....mostly because it is so EASY to email the pictures to family and friends and also because if I have a question about it I can call my cousin and she always knows what to husband gets very testy with me when I ask for technical support with the computer/electronics and it's comforting to know I can bypass him for the most part....I've even helped friends and family make the jump to digital and have recommended the Kodak easyshare system....well, the past few weeks have been heartwrenching for son's football games have started at 7pm, they are under the lights and I haven't gotten one decent picture!!'s killing me!!!!!.....I've noticed lately my camera has seemed "tired".....and now I'm thinking it may be time to get a new one.......I need awesome pictures......I scrapbook!!!!!.....well.....a dear friend whom I've met through football has an incredible camera from Ritz and loves she can go up there or call anytime for help...they offer classes etc....but can I commit that much time and effort??...I truly thought I would go that route....but the drawback is how big and bulky it I want to haul it around to every game, vacation, family function etc.......the pictures it takes are terrific though!!!.....but the other morning at coffee a friend whipped a cute little point and shoot out of her purse and snapped away effortlessly....I quizzed her on it and was ready to run to Bestbuy and buy one on the spot....well....I'm not super spontaneous, especially on a big purchase, and now I'm stuck in the limbo area of "chewing on it" I is consuming my's really a question of lifestyle!......the convienence of a small camera.....or the thrill of the awesome pictures I will capture with the big honkin' one??? friend actually has both......which is also another option!!!...whew!!!! she gave me some pictures that she had printed for me and they are perfect!...crisp and clear!!....more agony about what to do!....but it is important to me to get one that someone I know has so I can get help from them!!!!.....well, we'll see........I'm going to look today after I drop Cubby off at preschool.....wish me luck!


Joy Beadworks said...

When/where do you take pictures? I like to keep my camera in my purse because it's usually the spontaneous moments that I want to capture...the kids on the swing at the park, a clump of moss that strikes know random stuff. The big honkin is an option for events, but keep in mind the planning/packing of the thing. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything!!!

Jennifer Juniper said...

I agree! Good luck with the hunt!