Tuesday, November 18, 2008

had to get out there!

The yammering started first thing this morning about going out sledding!!!....the grass is barely covered, but we got all suited up and headed out to enjoy the snow!!......Cubby picked out his new hat over the weekend when we were in Target....it's his new favorite!

This is the snow covered branch that I would love a bright red Caridinal to land on so I can get his picture...I've been trying for a few winters now to get that perfect shot....but it hasn't happened.....blurry, too dark, looked the other way at the last second.....I may have to break down and get one on etsy!!

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marzipanmom said...

It looks like you may have gotten more snow than we did, but we had the same reaction at our house. Although Annie didn't get out the door because she didn't have the right size boots (she usually only stays out 5 minutes and then wants hot chocolate anyway!)- and the other two came in more muddy than snowy wet! And I have a great photo of a robin sitting on a railing post with snow all around - if only I could find it now...