Sunday, November 16, 2008

wonder fall

It is nearing the end of autumn here......and I feel like I enjoyed it to it's fullest!!! week we travel to this is the last weekend of my favorite season...we started out the weekend with seeing this 8 point buck crossing through our back husband travelled 3 hours away to camp and missed out on my son's football banquet so he could finish out the archery season....when he could have just sat on our patio!!! ...I like the whole banquet's such a nice finish to the season and a fun night for the kids....until next season Warriors!!

....but thinking ahead to Florida and Thanksgiving has been keeping me busy as well....I saw this felt leaf runner at the YMCA and thought, "I have to have that!!!"....I inspected it closely and was all ready to bring tissue paper and scissors to make my own template, and then go to Joanne's to get felt and create my own...well the girl at the desk said she got it at Joanne's and can you believe I was heading there that day anyway??!.....well, everything "fall" is 70% off and I got it for $5!! can't even get the felt for that price!...but it would be easy to make! :)

...and then at 1am last night I had to make jennifer junipers shrinky dink wine charms....see for the tutorial and template for the leaves.....super duper easy and they are adorable......a wonderful treat to pack in my suitcase and take to my Mom's for the Thanksgiving feast!

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