Tuesday, July 12, 2011

And They Came...Two by Two

They keep coming in pairs.....now I have a pair of hermit crabs and a pair of dwarf frogs. REEAAAAlllYYYY....At this point I'm just going for the Mom of the Year Award. Do you remember the pair of baby ducks I had???? Well, they are gone...Chip released them and hopefully they are paddling around a pond somewhere. And they have been replaced by the crabs we got at the beach and frogs.

Cub is thrilled and is taking very good care of his crabs. Misting their shells, putting them on the carpet for some exercise, and seeing to it they have food and water. The frogs are very easy...he only has to feed them once a week and change the water every 2 months. ?????????? He sits on a little stool in front of them and watches them. He also made a mobile for them to look at. I can't complain....I just hope he's making happy childhood memories :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I should get G a frog. He keeps catching toads in our yard.

sassy said...

super cool tank...or house super Mom!