Friday, July 29, 2011

Favorite Friday

Happy Friday peeps!!! What a beautiful day.......and lately I've been loving starting my day with my new fav creamer. It's Walmart's store brand, Great Value Cinnamon Vanilla. For anyone who knows me...I don't really like coffee all that much. It's really just creamer with a splash of coffee. And I look forward to the change of season's when Coffemate introduces their seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Spice :)

I was at the checkout a few weeks ago and saw the lady in front of me getting this, and tucked it in the back of my brain for my next trip.....well, I looooooove it!!!! Just a little splash goes a long way, so I feel like I'm drinking less calories too. I think my body got so used to the French Vanilla I've use for years that I was putting sooooo much in. It is yummy!! And while I'm at it....this is a favorite coffee mug too :) Cubby made it for me for Mother's Day this past year at the local pottery painting place in town. Everything and anything my kids make me ( and with the teenagers now, it's about zilch) I looooove. Treat yourself to a new creamer, I know you'll like it. Have a terrific weekend.


Wendy said...

If I wasn't a black coffee kind of girl I would so try this! said...

I, too, am a black-coffee-gal! But I think I may try it! Always willing to give something new a try!

Adorable mug! Aren't homemade kid gifts just the absolute BEST?!?