Friday, December 9, 2011

Favorite Friday

Happy Friday!! I am loving this holiday season...cranking the Christmas music, decorating, knitting, being crafting...and soon to be baking! Next week I'll be busting out the cookie recipes and Minnie, my pink Kitchen Aid mixer. I'm excited! Well...I decided to treat myself to a cookie jar to keep them in. This season I've added a few more Santa's to my Christmas...this may be Cubby's last year believing and I'm becoming very sentimental. When I came across this SUPER CUTE Santa cookie jar on Ebay, I HAD to have it!!

Well, I kinda forgot I got a little cookie jar on clearance at my Hallmark store last year the day after Christmas. It's the one on the left.... And when I went to Buffalo last weekend, my Dad's girlfriend treated me to the really adorable one pictured on the left...also from Hallmark. Don't they look perfect together??? I LOVE them all!!!!

Here's where my Santa is sitting on my kitchen counter....and yes, that Santa plate is a new favorite too :)

And these two are perfect together...No worries.....I am sure they will all be filled with yummy cookies soon. The Treatgirl can't have too many places to stash her treats...the more the merrier!!


Jennifer Juniper said...

Love all the santa stuff! That first picture of you and sister made me laugh out loud :)

Had fun last night! Hanging all my new ornaments today!

Southern Belle Mama said...

You can never have enough cookie jars! The Santa one is great!

Vic said...

I love them! please share the cookies when they come along...or post about who stole the cookie from the cookie jar! i envy your fave fridays:) i always look forward to them:) happy holidays!