Monday, December 19, 2011

Soul Sisters Christmas Party!!

We Soul Sisters had our Christmas Party earlier in pictures didn't turn out that I "borrowed" these from Marzipanmom....thanks miss :) You may remember every year we do a little ornament exchange...the rules are they must be home made and you need to spend less than ten dollars on supplies....come along and see how wonderful they are....

Marzipanmom spent hours creating these amazing snowflakes complete with glitter. She rolled tiny little strips of paper to make these beauties.

Our friend Girl in the Sticks used pretty paper as well...she folded paper she chose for each of us that represents us perfectly.

I made little glitter snowman balls....really super easy....check back tomorrow for a little tutorial :)

Whoops...this picture got in here out of order and I don't feel like re-doing is Jennifer Junipers super duper cute pinecone snowman and Ms. Joy's terrific glass ball that she filled with a perfect little paper tree. LOOOvvve THEM!

The previous picture of Marzipanmom's snowflakes didn't do them's a close up of their beauty!

LOTS of smiles when Joy delivered her glass balls.

And more smiles for the cute little snowmen :) We had a wonderful night over dinner and holiday always we played our little guessing name, trying to guess our waitresses name.....Our hint was "Mustang...." Can you think of it? I hope you are all enjoying every minute of this fleeting holiday season.......I sure am!


Jennifer Juniper said...

yay Soul sisters!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Sally, right?
LOVE the ornaments you guys made.