Monday, December 12, 2011

Santa Mittens

Aren't these the cutest???!!! I knit a pair for Cindylou for her first Christmas 16 years ago.....and ever since then, I hang them on my tree as an ornamet. Well, I've known of a few babies born this year, so I knit a few more pair...and decided to write out the pattern. They whip up super quick in just a few hours...plenty of time to make a baby happy and warm this Christmas :)

Here's what you need:

size 8 needle
Red Heart Sport yarn in red, black, pink and white

Cast on 24 stitches in red. Knit 11 rows of ribbing. Continue with red and knit 4 rows of stockinette.

Then knit 4 rows of white.

Knit 8 rows of pink in stockinette. Knit 10 rows of white. Then bind off. Make two of these.

Using black and red yarn and a darning needle sew stitches on to make his face. Turn inside out and fold in half to sew up. That's it!! Waaaaay cute :) I'm linking up to Jennifer Juniper's Tutorial Tuesday over at Hope Studios....check it out. Merry Christmas!


sassy said...

those are quite possibly the cutest mittens i have ever seen!
I we lived closer so you could teach me to knit!

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh Miss Treat! How cute are those!!!

Drenda Tomlinson said...

These are adorable! How do you get the white garter stitch to come out pointed?