Wednesday, June 18, 2008

check out smilebox

I was visiting a favorite blog last night and there was a post about the website ......oh my gosh!!! is sooooo cool and very fun!!!......tons of fun stuff to do with your can create postcards, ecards, digital scrapbook, etc.....then you can email everything, print it or post it to your blog....I spent all night playing!!!......there is tons to do for free, but you can also join for the month/year....a friend of mine is always so thoughtful to send ecards with and I was thinking of joining that ....they sent a free trial month email.....but this is soooo much cuter!!!!........beware! make sure you have a bit of time to play!!!


Joy Beadworks said...

Oh..I just love this type of things. I may save checking it out till we are on vacation. It sounds like I'll need a few more minutes than I have right now!

babysarah said...

OK now I am hooked on smilebox - I love it. Check out the closest I will ever get to scrapbooking on my website... i think it turned out cute. Artistic for those of us who have NO talent...Love Ya!