Friday, February 6, 2009


It's tax time...and my Dad always says he knows two things for sure....death and taxes.....and this is the time of year I go to my "Charity" file and dig out my Goodwill reciepts for my husband to include with our tax paper work.....I had a VERY good year at the Goodwill since they opened a gorgeous new one with a drive thru in our town....I drop stuff off every week!!!....I keep a bag in my closet and one in the coat closet downstairs and everytime I come across something I just throw it in.....anyway, this year we may try Turbotax for the very first time.....our tax preparation bill runs about $350 and this is the first year in a long time where things have been quite "normal" sales of houses, no depreciations on things or major write I think I have Chip talked into giving it a try....(and of course I want to get the fuel perks when we buy the software! :)...but I wanted to mention the bit of information that my dear friend out in Harrisburg told me about last can go to and get a print out of the value of the things you's amazing how much they give you for your stuff!!!.....I always get a reciept and write how many bags I have dropped off....and I just sat down to figure out how much it totaled.....I was thrilled!!!......over $1400!!!.....not bad!....hope this helps

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