Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today was the day of my cupcake lesson with Marzipanmom.....the anticipation and excitement felt exactly like it did when I was a little girl waiting for Christmas morning!! After she posted the recipes for these vanilla cupcakes and buttercream frosting on her blog a few weeks ago I have been craving them. I read through the recipes several times and felt overwhelmed. As most of my readers know I am NOT a baker.....I have tried soooo many times, but with dismal results. Well, Marzipanmom is my absolute hero and she invited me over to teach me how to make them. ....and you can't see them, but I even had on my cupcake earrings :)She had all of the ingredients set out, as well as a beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer....something I do not have either....but now I have to have one!!!!!..(and when I do I will certainly name her!!) I truly think I can do this!!! They turned out perfectly!!!!

The buttercream frosting recipe seemed intimidating....having to cook sugar and light corn syrup on the stove ....and then whipping it into "medium peaks" is soooo perfect!! The best I've ever had!!!

I even got a cupcake carrier yesterday to bring....I am determined to be the Queen cupcake maker......I want to be known and adored for these cupcakes!!!!

Granted, Marzipanmom held my hand through the whole process....but I am determined to make them all by myself....batch after batch!! Everyone will love these treats!! I just need the mixer!!....hint, hint!! :) my birthday and Mother's day are coming......wish me luck and thank you again Marzipanmom!!!!!


marzipanmom said...

After you left, I realized we forgot the sprinkles! They were so delicious though - maybe better than last time! I had a lot of fun - come over anytime to bake!

mom of 4 boys! said...

Those look great! I have to make cupcakes today for Justin's birthday celebration at school tomorrow and they won't be as fancy as those unfortunately. I wish I had that fancy icing squirter to make nice designs. When you get a chance, can you forward that recipe on to me so I can attempt it here? That icing sounds great!

Jennifer Juniper said...

There's no better teacher than marzipan when it comes to baked goods! I'm glad you two had fun, and I expect some cupcakes next get together!