Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I know you've all seen the commercial for the snuggie.......everytime I watch it I just can't believe someone thought of this , had it mass produced and is making MILLIONS!!!!!!!!.....the suggestions they depict for it's usefullness are just plain ridiculous!! dear friend jennifer juniper over at has dedicated a post to this lovely thing as well.....if you haven't seen the remake of the commercial that these guys have put on youtube you HAVE to check it out!!!..she has it embedded on her morning friends at the Today show have even jumped on the bandwagon!!....I snapped this picture of them on my t.v. this morning (I'm getting pretty good at that!).....they start off the segment by saying there is a cult-like following of the snuggie....and show a clip of Jay Leno announcing the lady in Californina who had the octuplets was wearing the snuggie and no one even knew she was pregnant!......they also showed Matt Lauer in a previous segment from a few weeks ago saying he would never be caught dead in a snuggie!!!....well, I guess from the picture above he lost that bet!.....they also state that there is not one percentage of natural fiber in this thing .....and that the family who is roasting the marshmallows on the commercial better be careful or they'll all go up like a torch!!......I'm so happy there's always a little bit of humor in every day!!! :)....oh, and in case you'd like to get yourself a snuggie...I did see they have them at Giant Eagle so you can even get fuel perks for your snuggie!


Joy Beadworks said...

You are TOO much...but seriously, SOMEONE is buying this right??

Jennifer Juniper said...

All the whack jobs buy it! I, personally, just wear my robe backwards ;)

coffee maker said...

the two best infomercial products ever have to the Snuggie and the Shamwow... i wonder if it's possible to combine the two, and make a single, super-absorbent robe?