Thursday, February 12, 2009

hearts and more hearts........

I have to start by saying that I have loved hearts since I was a little girl.....which then turned into my love of Valentine's Day....and when my husband and I were choosing a date for our wedding , Valentine's Day was on a Sunday so the logical choice was the 13th so we could make it into a big, blowout weekend!!!!.....I was so happy to blend the two days into one big holiday! I decorate my house, send valentine's, give treats, wear my socks with the hearts on them and wear all of my favorite heart jewelry, I eat more chocolates and conversation hearts than I should, use cookie cutters to cut my kids sandwiches into hearts...I guess I am a hopeless romantic deep down inside...after all of these years I still like to believe in the fairy tale. So here a few pictures of my favorite hearts from 2009. The cut out cookies pictured above aren't the greatest...they aren't from scratch and they don't look pretty....but Cubby had sooooo much fun making them! They were more of glorified play-doh project....but to see him dig his apron out and climb up on the stool ready to go....I knew right then it didn't really matter what they looked like or tasted like, I knew he would love them.

These were THE BEST cupcakes I have ever had in my whole life!!!!!!!!!!! Marzipan mom treated all of us soul sisters with them this morning. I am dreaming that some day will be able to make them all by myself!! :)

Here is the box Cubby made for his party at preschool....

and these treat bags for Cubbys class will surely make all of his friends happy.

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