Thursday, July 9, 2009


21 friends is who Cubby sleeps with every night....I couldn't resist snapping this picture of him last night....yep, I turned the lights on too! He can sleep through anything....even vacuuming his room!!! He loves them all. They all have names and he plays with them almost every day. I hesitate every time he wants a new "friend"....I say, "There just isn't going to be any more room on your bed!!" But he truly does love them all.....and there always does seem to be enough room, for now.

Here we are this morning...all tidied up. And for any of my lovely bloggers who are interested I'll give a quick run down on his friends.....

There are seven friends from Build a Bear Workshop:


.....complete with a wardrobe all their own!!

Then of course there is his beloved PUP!!!!!!! She has been with him from the very beginning....his very first friend. And her mommy Logan, and her Daddy Grover. And notice pups portrait he painted last summer. He's so proud of it!

Acorn was won at Cedar Point last summer. The lady couldn't guess Daddy's weight and she was immediately a part of the family. He often wonders what would have happened to her if the lady had guessed right.

Bubbles is the bright green octopus that T. won for him in Disney World...she's from China and filled with sawdust. And by my calculations cost about $35 to win!!

There is Mickey and the gang too. One of Cubby's favorite shows is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse....and he already knows he's having a Mickey Mouse birthday party in October!!! When we visited Magic Kingdom last November he got Mickey and Minnie....and then this past May he had to get everyone else. He is a fanatic about having the COMPLETE collection!! Luckily, I found that they had all of these cuties at the Walmart around the corner from our hotel for half the price of what they are in the parks.

And finally SpongeBob is a friend too!! Apparently he is the one teaching him all of his phrases such as, "Holy Shrimp!!" and "Tarter Sauce!"

So unless he gets bunk beds we may be getting maxed out on getting any new friends around here!!!!


marzipanmom said...

I don't know, but it looks like there could be little more room on that bed for a few more! Very cute!

beth said...

cute! my boys say "tartar sauce" ALL.THE.TIME.

Jennifer Juniper said...

Ha! You're as bad as me turning on the lights on him! It's hard to resist such a cute shot :)

Joy Beadworks said...

That is just So super Sweet...