Thursday, July 23, 2009

greek pasta salad

I certainly didn't intend for this to be a weekly "thing"....but I have another salad this week that I just HAD to share with you.......Greek pasta salad. I spent the day at my friends house out in Harrisburg last week....another friend from college and all of our kiddos spent the day swimming in her pool. Just look at the incrediable view from her backyard, pool, deck and every window in the back of her house!!!!! I couldn't stop saying how I would never tire of looking at that every day......anyway.....back to the terrific pasta salad she served us for lunch with fruit and her special "mojitos"!! Totally worth the 3 1/2 hour drive!!!!!

I have to say that I modified the recipe a smidge....but I'll let you know when we get there ...... :)

Here's the ingredient list:
16 oz. bow tie pasta
10 oz. fresh spinach (I use baby organic if possible)
8 oz. feta cheese, crumbled
1/2 cup Italian dressing....she used Ken's Lite Northern Italian with Basil & Romano...I bought that, but when I was putting it together I thought, "this is GREEK, so I used my favorite Athenos greek's up to you...the Ken's was great too.
1/2 cup olive oil
1 1/2 tsp. dried again, I switched it up a bit and used a bunch of fresh basil that I had from my "garden"....that is, the pot of it I have growing on my deck!!
1 Tbsp. grated Parmesean cheese.....I put a bunch more of this as well :)
1 Tbsp. white vinegar
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
3 or 4 chicken breasts......I sauteed these in one inch pieces in olive oil
black olives, chopped

Rinse and coarsely chop the spinach and fresh basil. Boil the pasta to desired doneness, drain and cool immediately by rinsing in cold water. In a large bowl, mix together the dressing, olive oil, Parmesean, vinegar, salt and pepper. Add the spinach, basil, olives, pasta and feta cheese. Mix gently but thoroughly.

What a wonderful dish to bring to a picnic or to enjoy at your own backyard bar-b-q....with plenty left over to have for a few lunches!!!


Joy Beadworks said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh My Gosh!!!Pam! That looks wonderful! I'm going to make that this weekend! Thanks Tam

Joy Beadworks said...

The view is amazing, and the pasta salad looks great too!

Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

This sounds yummy, as usual!! I think I will whip this up tomorrow. My kids don't eat anything green, anything resembling a veggie, one of them won't eat salad dressing, well, you get the picture!! It will just be me and the hubby so...perfect!

Saucy said...

Salad is still a treat, right? But still, we lurrve it when The Treat Girl whips up TREATS!

You're trying to make us eat healthy!!

alittlebitofscrap said...

Oh that sounds divine and I like your alterations. I think I may have to try this :) You know my one alteration may be to add some sun dried tomatoes.. what ya think?

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