Monday, July 6, 2009

Eat, Pray, Love

I've never written a book review...this is my first!! But I felt compelled to give my opinion the book I just finished reading while on vacation in the Outer Banks. Eat, Pray, Love is a book about one woman's search for everything. It has been on the New York Times paperback nonfiction list for over a year....with over 5 million copies in print. Driven to despair by her divorce and an anquished love affair Elizabeth Gilbert flees New York City for the three I's...Italy, India and Indonesia. She spends four months in each country.....going to Italy to the learn the language and enjoy the cuisine...India to meditate in an ashram, and Indonesia to recconect with a healer in Bali.

There are dozens of characters she meets and you'll wish you were there with her....being friends with all them too. Her prose is witty and hilarious....paying attention to metaphors and details. The most likable writer I have met in a while.....Having said all this, I must say when I started reading this book I knew no one's opinion of it and really had no idea what it was about....only seeing people's nose in it. A friend gave it to me last summer and I only started it on my trip to Disney in May. I sailed through her time spent in Italy. At that point I couldn't believe how many people came up to me to ask me how I was liking it so far....I've never had so many people ask me that about a book I was reading. At that point I was loving it. I found out though.....there were a good many readers out there who didn't enjoy it.......well...I found out when why I got to the section on India. It was DRAGGING!!!!!! I have NEVER taken so long to finish a book....but I HAD I brought it with me on our trip. It took me almost an entire week to read 80 pages!!! I was the one telling everyone how I really didn't like it...and I was hoping her four months in Indonesia would be fabulous and let me finish the book on a better note. I wasn't dissappointed! Her four months in Bali were terrific and I must say I closed the last page feeling very satisfied that I stuck it out.

For once I'm ahead of the game....having read the book before the release of the movie. I can't wait to see how Julia Roberts plays the part of Liz. I will be sure to see it when it comes to theaters.


Jennifer Juniper said...

I started out good, too, but then became so annoyed with her selfishness! I think it was the mom in me, I just felt like saying "OKAY! You got divorced, get a GRIP!"

Denise said...

I felt the same way about this book! The beginning was great, the middle was slow, and then it was ok again!