Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yankees Win!!!!!!!

It's time to stand up and CHEER!!! The Bronx Bombers have won their 27th World Series Championship!!! After waiting 9 years the Yankees defeat the Phillies 7-3 in game six to secure their first championship since 2000. For the "Core Four" "Four Amigos" ....Jorge Posada, Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte and Rivera it was ring number 5!!!! It was dedicated to George Steinbrenner who has been in declining health and didn't make the trip up from his home in Florida to see the game.

It was a record night for Hedeki Matsui the Yankees designated hitter...he was named the World Series Most Valuable Player after batting .615 with 3 home runs.

For Alex Rodriquez and his gorgeous flashing white teeth (ummmm...yes, they mesmerize me!!! :) It was his first championship and he announced while holding the trophy they were going to PARTY!!

DER-REK JETER!!! Has been my chant for the last two weeks....after hitting .423 for the Series the captain said, "It feels better than I remember it, man" "It's been a long time." While nine years between titles is hardly a drought for most has seemed like forever for the Yanks. And even sweeter to win it in the new Yankee it truly seems like home!!! What a Super.Duper sports year it has been for Pittsburgh Steelers won the Superbowl....the Penguins brought home the Stanley Cup....T's team the Chiefs won their Superbowl last Saturday...and now the Yanks win their 27th World Series....Wow!!! 2009 will be a year to remember!


Kate Carney said...

Very nice for you. Not being a baseball fan, I didn't care or pay attention, but I know that people follow and are thrilled. I more of a football person—Super Bowl time at least this year.

I'm not sure that made any sense; it's been a long week and it's not over yet.

Cheers on "your" win—actually both of your wins Yankees' and son's

beth said...

this is heartbreaking. how could a fellow pennsylvanian be happy for the yankees?!?! so sad.
(actually, i'm kidding. i may be the only philadelphian who did not care about the world series, but oh well) go phillies! hehe!

the treat girl said...

I know......I do live in Pennsylvania....but I'm originally from New Dad and I have been fans our whole lives. Go Yanks!! :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well, my father in law would be happy, but we were cheering for the Phillies;)

Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

WOOOOO HOOOOO! I've been tryying to catch up on sleep, so I missed your fantastic Yankee post!!! Love itttttt! I was also raised a Yankee fan and had fun sharing that with my dad. My husband and kids are crazy about them,too!