Monday, April 12, 2010

Things are Blooming Around Here

Let me just start off by saying these pictures DO NOT do these pretty blooms justice....the morning was beautiful and I just walked around my neighborhood and snapped a few pictures...Here is a pretty plum tree by my patio.

I love this looks like an umbrella :)

These PJM rhodedendrons are in full have to enjoy them quick because the blooms are gone in a week.

And how 'bout this Bradford Pear??? Isn't it perfect???

It just isn't spring without Daffodils.

This is a road near my neighborhood and I love these daffodils that line the woods along the edge of the grass. They come up every spring and are such a pretty thing.

And aren't these tulips the greatest shade of salmon?? These blooms only last just a few weeks........get out for a walk and enjoy them now!


1 Funky Woman said...

Oh, so pretty! I love the umbrella looking tree. Does it smell as pretty as it looks?

Wendy said...

So pretty! And your grass... so green already! Ours is slowly changing, is a nice mix of brown and green and still crunches beneath your feet. Flowers? What flowers? We've got some buds though ☺! So until mine come up, I'll just envy yours a bit!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...


Jennifer Juniper said...

Weird Bradford Pear blossoms smell disgusting! I was weeding and thought I smelled cat pee or something horrible and finally discovered it was my pear tree! Smell yours and see if I"m crazy :)

Judy@cutest-little-things said...

I love this time of year!


Joy Beadworks said...

I just love a bradford pear! I always forget about them until this season.

sassy said...

thanks fo rth ewalk-it has poured rainhere all week I needed the sunshine! The good news is my seeds are popping up in the studio-we have such a short growing season here in brrrr Saskatchewan!merkiron