Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Friday

Hi....Welcome back to Favorite Friday! At this time of the year one of my favorite things is CLEAN WINDOWS!!! I can thank my mom for this....she always loved clean windows and had her squeegee handy to wash a window or sliding glass door at any time. With the BEAUTIFUL weather we will be having around here for the next several days I washed my windows inside and out last weekend to be ready to put my screens in tomorrow. I always wash my own's a bit time consuming, but you can do them whatever day you want, and not have to wait for the guy to show up. Click HERE to check out my tutorial on window cleaning....and get out there and get some clean windows...they make you feel great!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Nothing like sparkling clean windows--I agree! But I'm going to wait a couple weeks yet.

Bragarmar said...

Who would have thought? While making a final quick run through the dollar store for the Easter Bunny I came across a squegee - it was only a dollar so I gave it a shot! My sliding glass door never looked soo nice - and soooo much less time consuming! I played around all weekend - a window here, a window there....Thanks to you Treatgirl!!