Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrapbook Sunday

Okay.....It's still nagging me that I can't find that stupid ticket stub I was looking for last week...well, honestly...I was way too busy to look for it and I actually got NO scrapbooking done this week...but I did finish up that scarf :) Anywhoo....I thought I give you a little peek at where I are my VERY first pages....I started with Cindylou's book....They are a total hoot now that I look back at them. My old neighbor was a Creative Memories consultant and she invited me over for a "scrap night" about 10 years ago......I got hooked and have been scrapping ever since. Check it out...I literally stuck the pictures right to the page, drew with markers, slapped on a die-cut and called it a page!

Here I added a border sticker...

....and here I started to get a little crazy and added mats to my pictures.

But on the next page I must have forgotten how to do that because it was back to two border stickers on the edges with a lot of journaling with markers...whooo hooooo!

Okay here I think I figured out that you can use paper as a background......they weren't into that at Creative Memories years ago.....AND I matted the pictures too!! Wowza! Check out that bit of journaling in those little squares. Looking at this page now it's SCREAMING out for an embellishment of ANY kind.....a piece of ribbon, a brad, some glitter.......SOMETHING!!

Here we have piece of background paper AND stickers.

And look at this bit of craaaaaazy journaling! Wow, my style has certainly changed over the years....but in my defense they have about a zillion more fun products out there now than when I started. Shortly after this is where I started getting scrapbook magazines too, which really helped me evolve. Some of my first pages are actually painful to look at they are so bad :( Sooooooo, my question to you is whether or not I should go back and spruce these pages up a bit???? Granted, I haven't even gotten up to date in their current books....but WHEN I DO......and I have NOTHING to do....should I go back and make the earlier books feel like they "belong" or just leave them looking like the ugly step sisters???? Whadda ya think?


1 Funky Woman said...

I sure wish we could scrapbook together because maybe I would actually get them done! I have been sitting on 3 of them and no progress. I love the swirly journaling, great idea!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I vote you leave the old ones so you can see how much you've learned!

Wendy said...

So fun to look back and see the differents pics and ummmm styles ☺

GerberaGirl said...

I love them they way they are!!! I remember how much Cindy Lou and T loved to bring them to Buffalo and show us their very own scrap books!!!