Monday, November 1, 2010

Cute Clipboard

After little Cubby's team won the Super bowl I decided to get a hoodie/t-shirt designed and get an order put together to help celebrate. The team was having a Super bowl party the next day, so I had to work quick. I made some calls, sent out some emails and put together an order form so I could pass them out at the party. The treatgirl likes to be organized and appear coordinated....and I thought it would be a good idea to have extra pens, an envelope for the checks/money, and a clipboard to write on while eating pizza and cake and taking orders at the same time. But when I dug mine out, I noticed it looked a little with an hour to go before I had to leave and pick up the cake on the way to the party, I decided to make it cute :) I have seen these around town.....a teacher friend had one, and also an instructor at the gym...I never took a close look, and probably if I had more time I would have gone blog-hopping and found a real tutorial...but I didn't, so I just winged it......

It only took a 2 sheets of scrapbook paper, some ribbon and Mod Podge. I cut the paper to fit...brushed the Mod Podge on with a brush and positioned the paper.

I tied some coordinating ribbons on for extra cuteness.

And VOILA! A really cute little clipboard! Blue and black just happen to be our team it just went with the whole theme of the day. Now if you happen to know how to REALLY make one of these, or have any tips....leave me a comment...I think I'll be making a few more. Thanks!