Friday, November 5, 2010

Favorite Friday

This week I am featuring my real-life bloggy friends...if you've been around here for a know them. Jennifer Juniper, Marzipan, Joy from Joybeadworks and Girl in the Sticks....They are my soul sisters and truly some of my favorite friends. We can go a few weeks without getting together or chatting, but when we're together we just pick up where we left off....our lives, kids, relationships, things in the kitchen/oven and CRAFTS! Well, this weekend Ms. Juniper has so graciously invited us up to her ski place again...our second annual Smackdown! Click HERE to see all the fun we had last year.....There is snow in the forecast, but we don't mind! We plan on building a fire, snacking, drinking, crafting, watching movies and maybe a little shopping....The perfect weekend away for the Soul Sisters!! Be sure to check back next week to see all the fun! Have a great weekend...and maybe treat yourself to a litte crafty time too :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Looks like you're in for a great weekend! Enjoy!

Wendy said...

Have a fabulous time!!!! I hear there is a little wine on the menu :) Cheers to friends!

Jennifer Juniper said...

You win for being the best fire poker of the weekend :) What fun we had!