Thursday, November 11, 2010

Soul Sisters Getaway....part two

This is the part where we had the day to browse and shop in a little town is so charming and quaint...almost like the set of a movie.

Every doorway has the prettiest fall flowers to welcome you in.....

We stopped for lunch at the cutest was the perfect spot to sit and enjoy the afternoon. We did some more shopping....each of us finding some wonderful treasures to bring home.

Along the side of the road was this little farm you can see by the signs....they have just about everything!

We stopped and browsed for a bit before heading back to build a fire, do some more crafting, enjoy some snacks and homemade cheesecake goodies Marzipan shared with us and watch a few movies. A perfect night for the Soul Sisters.....our guys really have a hard time grasping the whole concept...but that's okay....we don't mind.

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Wendy said...

What a quaint little town! And, I agree, if it doesn't involve, beer, hunting, golf, fishing or some combo of some or all of the above ~ my hubby wonders, "what's the point" Sometimes they just don't know a good thing :)