Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Circus

The Greatest Show on Earth. Yep! It was!! We took Cubby and his friend to the circus last Friday night and I'm still in awe over what a great show it was. It was a far cry from the one my grandma took my sister and I to in the parking lot of her grocery store. We sat on dirty bleachers, there was hay all over the place and elephant poops everywhere. We thought it was great at the time....but now that I'm all grown up and my standards are a bit higher, I couldn't have been more impressed. It was kind of spur of the moment....we just got our tickets at the box office when we got there. The kids admission was only $ can't even see a movie for that anymore! Of course there were souvenir stands at every turn selling pennants, cotton candy and...

...snowcones. The most perfect snowcones in beautiful rainbow colors.

The doors were open an hour before the show so you could get right down front and enjoy the clowns before we sat down in our seats.

Cubby is quite the little shopper and hovered by every stand on our way to our seats pining for just one little souvenir.

The show couldn't have been more I couldn't even watch! This picture doesn't do this act was crazy how high they were on that wire...and then they twirled around in a complete circle and were upside down too. Yikes!

Of course there were elephants, trapeze artists, acrobats and a strong man. The clowns were terrific too.

The boys voted the motorcycles in the metal ball their favorite thing of the night. Can you believe EIGHT of them were in there?????!!! How do their mothers let them do that night after night????

And if you ask me this trainer is crazy too..Seriously...these tigers were HUGE, and he kept dangling little pieces of meat on the end of that stick in front of their faces. DUH. CRAZY!

The costumes were spectacular and the whole evening was full of energy, never a dull moment.

So, if you see the circus coming to your town BE SURE to go....take the kids, of any truly won't be disappointed. It is the Greatest show on Earth.


Nancy @ Live love laugh said...

Thanks for coming by! My blogging has been pushed aside and I miss it!
I love your post about the circus-we went years ago and I also marveled at the difference from when I was a kid! Your pics are terrific! We also have the Big Apple Circus here - it's a one ring spectacular!
Love your baking post, too. Such fun! As for the Yankees-SO disappointed!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We took our boys about a year ago--it was fantastic.